November 15, 2012

I admit I have been in a funk about what to do since the recently held general election didn’t exactly go the way I would have preferred. It is pretty easy to sit back and armchair quarterback what could have been done differently and make every excuse in the world but in general I don’t think that is going to anything but assuage anyone’s guilt about what they didn’t do enough of to get their candidate elected. With that in mind, we have to do something or nothing will change and here is my solution.

So here is what I am deciding to do. One: I am going to keep writing on this blog. Two: I understand I am going to gripe a bit at times but I am going to endeavor to offer solutions with every complaint. Three: I am going to consider starting up the internet radio talk show. My big holdup right now is the time it takes to research and devote yourself to what it takes to put out a quality product to a relatively limited audience. With YOUR feedback I will make a decision one way or another by the first of the year 2013.

Lastly, with every great intention I am going to work hard to get the right candidate elected to public office and be far more outspoken about my political ideals and what we need to change to get things changed around and on the right track.


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