November 16, 2012

I try not to dabble in national issues very often but today I have two that I think are worth bringing to your attention.

One is the Death Tax and the other is the current rising conflict in Israel.

We keep hearing about the financial cliff that the US Congress and our beloved (ack) President have managed to back us into a corner on. One aspect of the soon to be new tax law is the so-called Death Tax or Inheritance Tax. At present if they roll the tax back to the Bush era rates then families that inherit estates over a certain size will pay a 35% tax on the value of the estate. Under the plan if rates are not rolled back that rate will jump to 55%. Family farms will be one of the most penalized by this development. As if there were not enough pressure already on the American farming community.

As I mentioned in my blog yesterday I am not going to just gripe, I am going to offer a suggestion to fix these things. Here is something I am going to do and I encourage you to do as well. Write your Congressional Representative. In my case I am going to dash off a letter to Congressman Doc Hastings and Congressman Dave Reichert. To be truthful I am not going to waste my time writing to either Senator because in my opinion they are part of this tax and spend, Socialist regime we just re-elected.

I strongly feel that the rising conflict in Israel was geared to start now as to test the resolve of both Israel and to see how the US would react. I am relatively sure that Israel is going to blow the heck out of anything that remotely smells of Hamas. I am also relatively sure the US is going to say it supports Israel and is keeping an eye on the situation but just going to stand back and watch. The reason Hamas set now as a time is because with the world facing four more years of weak US leadership in the Chief Executive position the time is ripe for another buildup of conflict and terror. Get started early while everyone was taking a post election nap and trying to hunker down for the holidays. Relax our guard, gather up our wits and sit back while their plan is to attack at the beginning of our (Israel and the US) religious holiday seasons.

Make no mistake, the countries and organizations that want our nations to fail are not taking their foot off the gas pedal. What they failed to do 10 years ago is not off their agenda yet.



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